Director Of Photography


Rayleigh luminaries exhibit the phenomena of scattered light in Earths atmosphere in the territory of the American southwest.   

Rayleigh Series

“Rayleigh I & II” is a diptych light sculpture showcasing the effects of sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere, known as “Rayleigh Scattering”. The piece depicts the everyday phenomenon of "nautical twilight" in the American southwest as a study and appreciation of it’s influence on physics, color and navigation.


The series consists of two parts, Rayleigh I and II, which exhibit the phenomena at different locations during Nautical twilight. 

Rayleigh I: Nautical dawn


Rayleigh II: Nautical Dusk

Rayleigh I & II: Wood, Fluorescent Lamp, Colored Gel, Plexi Glass, Vinyl, Wiring. Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 8.75" (LxWxD)   2015