White Knuckle - 2017 - Short Film

project image_whiteknucklefilm 11_29_16.jpg

A who-dun-it short horror film about serial killer targeting young people in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification.

Beyond representation, we're motivated to spread White Knuckle's themes of gentrification and displacement: two issues that are close to our heart that we intend to create more dialogue about. Specifically, our movie will show the horrors that emerge from a lack of community and cultural diversity. 

As White Knuckle's main characters debate the identity of the killer, broader questions are raised about the importance of cultural identity for American minorities. As they discuss what constitutes a psychopath, the notion of inner-city Black and brown pathology is challenged. And as the characters face the threat of murder, the parallel reality of a community and culture which is facing its own demise from gentrification becomes apparent.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1114714422/white-knuckle

The project is bringing diversity to an often single-shade genre and speaking to city (and nation) wide unity, during a season where the need for both is palpable.- Taylor Lindsy
— The Creators Project
What if the only way to slow down gentrification was for a serial killer to go on a rampage, slashing the necks of budding venture capitalists, artists, and hipsters? - Kelsey Adams
— The Fader Magazine

pre-production. principle photography May 2017. Script & Directed by Xavier Coleman, DP: Connor Lawson